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I am Casey Ryan, known to many of you as the founder of Casey's Top Hat Casey RyanChimney Sweeps way back in 1978. I sold that business in 1993 and have been involved in internet marketing ever since. I've lived outside Santa Fe for 30 years!

My wife and I recently posted a classified ad for a rental house that we own. It was a very small, yet very expensive ad! It was then that I decided Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico needed an alternative to the high cost of classified advertising. In fact, I thought that Free Classifieds would be exactly what we all need! santafeconnections.com Free Classifieds is the result.

I can offer Free Classified ads by making this site Advertiser supported. In exchange for Free Advertising, I will be sending to you, in the body of the e-mails that you receive to confirm your posting and when you are notified that your ad is about to expire, 2 advertisements for business opportunities, products and services that I think you will find of value. For anything that you do find of value and purchase, santafeconnections.com will make a small commission off the item which helps to pay for the site and keep the classifed ads free. For your part, there is no obligation to look at the ads but if you do, you just might be surprised and find things that you like and might not be able to find anywhere else.

As time goes by, I will be looking for more ways to make santafeconnections.com a site that you will want to visit on a regular basis and to make you want to spread the word about this unique service. As I discovered during my years of cleaning and repairing fireplaces and woodstoves throughout Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico, there is nothing as valuable as word of mouth from satisfied customers. So, spread the word! The more santafeconnections.com is used, the more value it has to all of us. In time, I expect that santafeconnections.com will be the first place that most of us go to post an ad and to look for the things we need. After all, it's pretty hard to beat FREE!

If you have any suggstions about how I might make santafeconnections.com a better site, I welcome your feedback.

I can be reached by e-mail or by phone: 505-699-5068